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Was Jesus Christ like Krishna?

Some people are trying to downplay the position of Jesus Christ as the only unique Son of God by saying other religious persons in history had similar identity. They have found in history some persons that should have many elements in common with Jesus Christ [1]. Favorite example is the Hindu god Krishna. When confused people will accept that Jesus Christ is similar as Krishna, a monotheist will be able to treat Christianity as Hinduism with many gods and therefore full of idolatry. However there are many objections against this claim:

1. Krishna was not crucified

A hunter named Jara mistakenly thought Krishna’s “reddish lotus foot” was a deer and shot him [2]. The fast death of Krishna shows he did not experience the hardest aspects of human life. Krishna did not die on the cross or ended his life with equal suffering. Jesus Christ is able to empathize with our weaknesses, because he has been tempted in every way, including suffering at the cross, but he did not sin (Hebrews 4:15).

2. Krishna did not die for our sins

The underlying reasons why Krishna died were because of condemnations. Gandhari made Krishna responsible for the death of her beloved people: “thou wert indifferent to this universal carnage….. I shall curse thee” [3]. The other condemnation was that the Brahmanas have put a curse on Krishna because of the bad behavior of his son to religious people [4]. Krisha died because of personal condemnations, but Jesus died for our sins (Colossians 1:22).

3. Krishna did not rose from the dead and ascended into heaven

The body of Krishna did not ascend, but the remainder went to the fire and assimilated into the ground. Only his spirit ascended. [5].

4. Only Jesus Christ has eternal moral values

The attraction of Krishna over Jesus Christ is for some people that you have more joy of finding spirituality. However that is not true when you listen to the testimonies of saved and reborn Christians. The ultimate joy is to have certainty about eternal life. Krishna is for those who want to enjoy the low hanging fruits of spirituality on earth. Krishna was thinking to do immoral things, like lying, stealing, beating or even killing. On the other side, Jesus offers the real thing by avoiding sin and being obedient to perfect moral life as the superior example for mankind, who he would always help someone who is helpless. Krishna is loved because of “calf love”, the emotion mothers feel for their children and for “sweet love”, the emotion that draws lovers together [6]. However Jesus Christ presents another level of love above all levels Krishna presents, that of “agape”, the divine love. For those who want the best, eternal life in Paradise, Jesus Christ is the only ideal.

5. Conclusion

Similarities between Krishna and Jesus Christ are coincidence [7]. There is no ground to conclude that Jesus Christ was like Krishna.


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