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Ramadan: a month of blessing or not?

Ramandan is part of the religious practices in Islam. It is a month of fasting for all Muslims from dawn to sunset. Such a long period shows respect for Islam and self-discipline, but also causes changes in the body of Muslims.

By practicing Ramandan, the Muslim will be confronted with Ramandan problems, such as staring at the fridge. One of the common problems are sweating, weakness and lack of energy, especially on getting up from sitting position and looking with a pale appearance. Fasting reduces insulin. Therefore there are so many Muslims diabetes. Diabetes type II has the highest frequency in Arabic-speaking countries around the Arab Gulf.

The body is God’s creation and too much fasting every year is not healthy. The Jews had shorter fasting periods. Fasting can be a spiritual enrichment, but the Biblical guidelines show a safer approach than the practices in Islam.


Are Muslims intolerant during Ramadan?
Does Ramadan create radical Muslim terrorists?

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