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Qur'an 2:87 and 5:70: Was Jesus Christ killed?

“And We did certainly give Moses the Torah and followed up after him with messengers. And We gave Jesus, the son of Mary, clear proofs and supported him with the Pure Spirit. But is it [not] that every time a messenger came to you, [O Children of Israel], with what your souls did not desire, you were arrogant? And a party [of messengers] you denied and another party you killed.” (Qur’an 2:87)

“We had already taken the covenant of the Children of Israel and had sent to them messengers. Whenever there came to them a messenger with what their souls did not desire, a party [of messengers] they denied, and another party they killed.” (Qur’an 5:70)

Both verses start with a short summary about the people of Israel and their negative reactions to God’s messengers. The conclusion of both verses is that the Children of Israel even killed God’s messengers. The Qur’an is silent about prosecution of God’s messengers, but is also referring to the Bible in case of doubts (Qur’an 3:50-51 and 10:94). Therefore Muslims have permission to read the Bible.

"And others you killed" in Qur’an 2:87 refers to the Gospel about the wicked vinedressers in Mark 12:1-12, Matthew 21:33-43 and Luke 20:9-19 [1]. It is also mentioned in 1 Tessalonians 2:15 [2]:

“Who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and also drove us out. They displease God and are hostile to everyone.” (1 Tessalonians 2:15)

“Who killed the Lord Jesus” means that the characteristic of the people of Israel to be engaged in the work of persecution, and that it is not strange that they have been persecuting the prophets, that they also had put their own Messiah to death [3].

“They displease God” means that their conduct is not such as to please God, but such as to expose them to his wrath. Therefore next verse is saying:

“In their effort to keep us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved. In this way they always heap up their sins to the limit. The wrath of God has come upon them at last.” (1 Thessalonians 2:16)

The above mentioned verse is saying that they did not aim to please God and that they could not have peace with God, because they had been engaged in persecuting the most holy people that had lived.

“Hostile to everyone” is saying that the prosecutors of the prophets and Jesus the Messiah dad an active opposition to all other people. They were "cherishing hatred against all others" [4]. In all ages have been people who act with violence against the rest of mankind. Unfortunately the violent fundamental Muslims today are no exception. However Qur’an 2:87 and 5:70 are showing us a way out by following the holy messengers.

Conclusion: Qur’an 2:87 and 5:70 is a call to the heart of the believer to make a decision to do God’s will by following Jesus the Messiah, the most holy messenger, because only he will bring blessings and salvation.


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