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Is Jesus God in the Bible?

The answer about the question about the divinity of Jesus is written in such a way that is adapted to Muslims from their Qur’anic perspective. When you are a Muslim, you should read this page and pray to God Almighty for revelation and wisdom about the personal relevance of the content. In the Bible, Jesus has a spiritual body and a physical body. His physcial body is connected with a divine nature, according to the Bible.

1. Jesus had a miraculous conception

For many Muslims the most supernatural of Jesus is his conception and birth. Jesus was born miraculously without any male intervention, he came from above. Although there are common things between Adam and Jesus, there are many differences between them: Adam was created from dust of the eath. Jesus was created by a Word of God, so he is heavenly. Adam sinned and Jesus was perfect without sin. The Bible gives testimony that the roots of Jesus are divine:

2. Jesus is faultless

Thanks to his miraculous conception from the Spirit of God, Jesus was born as a pure child, without faults. Being faultless is a condition for perfection and a divine attribute. The Bible supports that Jesus is faultless:

3. Jesus is the greatest miracle worker

Jesus did more supernatural healings than any other:

Jesus went to heaven and is alive. Today Jesus is also doing miracles. This is a sign that Jesus is more than a prophet, greater than anything we can think about. The Bible reports that in the days after Jesus went to heaven, miraculous healings have been done in the name of Jesus: Who has sufficient power to command the winds and the sea? It was never revelated that someone was able to do such a thing in his own power, except God Almighty. The Bible gives a short summary of the power of Jesus over our visible and invisible world, over past, present and future:

4. Jesus is a Sign

Jesus the only and unique sign of God, because he is the only one who came from heaven, showed perfect life and returned to heaven. Jesus did many signs to feed the faith to be blessed or to go to Paradise:

5. Jesus is a Mercy

Only an all powerful being can be truely called “a Mercy”. This is because greatest power will be needed to remove all sin. Only God has all power. When Jesus is “a Mercy”, he has the power to make it true:

To understand a mercy, you may look at the feast of sacrifice, Islam’s major festival. It about the sacrifice of Abraham’s son. A ram died as a replacement for the son of Abraham. The judgment did not come to the son of Abraham, but the death of an animal was accepted by God as a substitute. Therefore God had mercy with the son of Abraham. Every human being is in the same position as the son of Abraham, because we have sinned. Only by accepting the mercy of Jesus Christ we can be set free of sin. Jesus is as the Lamb of God the sacrifice for your sin: Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! (John 1:29).

6. Jesus is a Witness

Jesus the Messiah came in a very strange way and his life looks ugly. He was tested with the mother of all tests. Because Jesus said that he is the Messiah, people threw rubbish on him and said that he must die. But by his lifestyle he wanted to bring back the purity of thought, because sometimes we have been brainwashed. Jesus passed all tests, therefore he is the only true witness of perfect life:

7. Jesus can create and give life

Muslims know that Jesus created living creatures from clay. It reminds how God created the first human beings with clay. So Jesus does the same as God. The Bible has many references to Jesus as Creator:

Jesus the Messiah in a human shape, is the visible discovery of the invisible God.

8. Jesus is the Messiah

The Arabic word for Messiah is Masih, which is connected with the Arabic word “washing”. So the Messiah is the one who is touched. It can be called “anointed”. Al-Masih is constantly touched by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God [2]:

9. Jesus is the Word of God

The Bible mentions Jesus as Kalimah, the Word of God:

Jesus completed the purpose of God as the Word of God to our world. It is like we speak a word as physical manifestation of our inner thoughts:

10. Jesus is Spirit of God

The physical body of Jesus needed the Spirit of God to be anointed. When the Spirit of God had come upon Jesus’ body, he started to do signs, miracles and became a mercy for mankind:

11. Jesus was taken to heaven

The Bible testifies that Jesus ascended into heaven both visibly and bodily:

12. Jesus will come back again

The Bible prophesies the return of the glorious and victorious Jesus the Messiah as name above all names:

History will end with the Umma of Jesus the Messiah. Mankind will be divided into one part that follows the Injil, the Gospel and another part that rejects Jesus the Messiah and the Gospel [1]. When Jesus the Messiah is returned, he will go to the new Jerusalem: Jesus Christ is not only very special in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the message of the Bible. Jesus Christ is the Savior of mankind. The Bible reveals that Jesus is God.


To accept the divinity of Jesus has been answered with "yes" by more and more Muslims in this decade. After praying and searching about the identity of Jesus they have made this decision. The Qur'an opens many ways to open the eyes that Jesus is more than just a prophet or messenger [2]. The Bible tells us not only that Jesus is the Word of God and in spirit connected with God, but that he is God.


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