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Does Jesus have divine attributes in the Bible?

One of the hardest issues for Muslims to accept Jesus Christ, are his divine attributes. Muslims are familiar with the names of Allah. It is possible to have a look at divine attributes of Jesus Christ from a Biblical perspective? Yes, the Bible gives Jesus Christ the attributes that only God can have. As a Muslim you may read the arguments below and pray to God Almighty for revelation and wisdom about the meaning of the selected Bible verses. We may find the following divine attributes of Jesus Christ in the Bible:

1. Creator – maker of everything

The Bible mentions Jesus Christ as the Word of God is the creator of the universe.

2. Omnipotent – all powerful

The Bible shows that Jesus has all power and it is power of his own. Only God Almighty can have such an attribute.

3. Omnipresent – present everywhere

Jesus is present everywhere and watches over the doings of humanity according to the Bible.

4. Omniscient – all-knowing

Jesus knows every heart. The Bible teaches that he is able to look right into the heart of a human being. Only God has this capability.

5. Eternal – has no beginning and no end

Jesus Christ as the Word of God and Spirit of God has always been existing. The Bible says he was not made.

6. Love – goodness for people

Jesus has unconditional feeling or affection for people according to the Bible. Only God has the capability to care for his children.

7. Faithful – he does what he says

Jesus, the Word of God is always true and does not lie is written in the Bible. Faithful is a divine attribute, because only God can be relied on for one’s breakthrough.

8. Jealous – not happy when worshiping others

Jesus is against adoration of other gods, which is a divine attribute. It can be found in the Bible.

9. Impartial – to facilitate all creatures

The Bible says that Jesus makes provision for all kind of people and other creatures of the universe. It is a divine attribute, because only God has the capability to work for all creatures.

10. Holy – perfect

Jesus is pure and without sin, faults or weakness as is written in the Bible. Only God is without mistakes.

11. All-wise – nobody is greater in wisdom

Luke 2:46-47 – “And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions. And all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers”.

12. Supreme Judge – ruler of a final righteousness report

The Bible informs us that Jesus is the judge at the end of times and his decisions are just. Only God is the Judge at the Day of Judgment.


Serious study about Jesus in the Bible who he is, will result to the view that he is more than a prophet or messenger. That he has extraordinary attributes no human beings has. Year after year more Muslims become convinced that Jesus is divine and it has changed their life for a better future. Despite the limitations of the human brain, rational thinking may open a way to accept that Jesus Christ is divine [1]. The Bible has evidence in abundance about Jesus’ divine attributes.


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