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Is Islam in its nature imperialistic?

Muhammad's role was not only a religious leader, he was also a political leader. It became an example for Islam imperialism to integrate Islam and state. In countries with a Muslim majority, Islam and state are not separated like in Christianity. Turkey is an exception.

History of Islamic imperialism

Muslims count the beginning of Islamic times not from Muhammad’s birth, but from the Hegira, when Muhammad left Mecca for Medina to become general and head of state [1]. Muhammad committed aggression against three Jewish tribes by initiating violence and mass executions and ethnic cleansing, although the Jews had much in common with the Muslims and were initially allied with Muhammad [3]. Muhammad proved to be a great military example by the victory at the watering place of Badr in 624 against a numerically stronger enemy and to defeat in 630 the army of the city of Ta’if which was two times larger than Muhammad’s army. After Muhammad, Islamic imperialism is again combined with bloody events and control of the people of the conquered areas in every aspect of their lives. The Europeans did not go from mass executions after mass executions and they also didn’t destroy as a process the roots of other cultures. Compared with Islamic imperialism, the European imperialism looks civilized. Islamic imperialism was experienced in the following ways:

  1. Military force was used the way to establish Islam.
  2. An uncountable number of people slaughtered by the Muslim invaders.
  3. Thousands of men, women and children were caught and sold as slaves in Islamic countries.
  4. Women were forced to become concubines in harems.
  5. The people of the conquered countries became servants of Muslims.

Need for a reform in Islam

A reform of Islam is necessary to stop inspiration of violence and to protect mankind. Let us arrive at least at a stage where peace is not only an intention. Is following Islam (which means full commitment) the resolution of the pressing problems of humanity? Serious Muslims need to think and get support for reform. We have seen some initiatives.


Islam had a imperialistic history. In contrast with Judaism and Christianity, who were also not perfect in peacemaking, Muslims continue with violent actions in 21th century. To save this religion from moral weakness, a reform is needed. However because of the character of Islam this is unlikely. It may feed Christian mission to Muslims to offer the way to true civilization.


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Is Islam a violent religion?


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