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Does Ramadan create radical Muslim terrorists?

Muslim terrorism is committed by radical Muslims or Jihadists. They are members of terrorist organizations like ISIS or Al-Qaeda and use violence such as beheadings, suicide attacks or bombings. Scientists have several theories to analyze Islamist-based terrorism, including motivation from hate filled Qur’anic verses against mankind, politics or economics. In this article we will focus on the medical reasons why a Muslim may become a terrorist.

Diabetics in Arab speaking countries

The epidemic of diabetes has the highest prevalence of type II diabetes in Arabic-speaking countries. This is particularly true of the Arab Gulf. The high income in oil-producing countries results in prevalence rates till 21%. Another accelerator of glucose level under Muslims is the movement of many Muslims to big cities where people are more likely to adopt a lifestyle with high-calorie food consumption and will eat in fast food restaurants. Not only for Muslims in Arab speaking countries, but also for Arab immigrants in big cities like London, Paris, Berlin or New York. These factors likely contribute to the higher number of diabetes in the Arabic speaking countries [1].

Diabetics and Ramadan

One of the obligations of Muslims is to fast together during the month of Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslims don’t use food, drinking, sex, oral medications, and smoking from dawn (Suhur) to sunset (Iftar). Such an long fasting period of a month is expected to produce unpleasant side effects. Fasting decreases the concentration of insulin and thus promotes glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis, and fatty acid oxidation. Fasting can potentially lead to several bad outcomes, including diabetics [2].

Radicalization of Muslims

Flying glucose levels causes radicalization. An example of typical pestilence in elementary schools is diabetes type 1, a body inflammation. Local Moroccan Muslims are born with values 9 times higher than Western people. Diabetes type 1 may lead to higher levels of diabetes that will have an impact in violent human behavior.

Terrorism powered by Adrenal hormones

Diabetics type 2 may finally lead to diabetics type 5. Diabetics type 5 has Adrenal hormones and simulates violent games, violent movies and physical violence [3]. It is this kind of diabetics that causes the with machine guns armed Muslim terrorists. However, the actual, and unnamed remained problem of Adrenal hormones is devastating, because it is an escape from reality. Therefore the Muslim fasting practice Ramadan causes diabetics type 5 and radicalization to violence through Adrenal hormones, a natural drug produced by the body, but 100 times more toxic than most hard drugs.


Ramadan stimulates diabetes and diabetes causes radical Muslims and paves the way to become a terrorist. Therefore diabetics has the highest prevalence in Muslim countries. There is medical evidence that the Ramadan in Islam causes terrorism.


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