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Are Muslims intolerant during Ramadan?

The period of fasting in Islam, called Ramadan, often has an increase in violence. This anti-social behaviour is towards religious minorities living in an area with a large Muslim population. Fasting is one of the core faith practices of Abraham and it is good that Muslims are seeking God in their fasting period. However, unlike the fasting of Jews and Christians, Muslims are fasting a month with no eating or drinking during daylight. Is this the way to do come closer to the will of the Most High?

Irritation of Muslims during Ramadan

Muslims are more irritable during the month of Ramadan than during the rest of the year. Irritability of Muslims increases continuously during Ramadan and reaches its peak at the end of the month [1]. “people become more tense and irritated during Ramadan. One can easily notice the bad moods, the tension and the inability to put up with anyone or anything” [2].

Intolerance of Muslims

Muslims are especially driven to intolerance when they meet groups that have a vision, faith or lifestyle different than from their culture. As religious minorities notice, Ramadan “is a time when Muslims who are moderate often become much more aggressive about their faith, and they [see it] as a time to be aggressive as they deal with Christians” [3]. Muslims are very sensitive for non-Muslims who are eating or drinking during Ramadan fasting times. In Muslim dominated areas they force Christians and other minorities not to eat or drink during fasting [4].


Muslims are intolerant during their fasting, compared with any other member of the broader society. Muslims should learn from Abraham, but better follow Jesus the Messiah, who said: “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad” (John 8:56).


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