These articles on this page have been developed with the intention of providing a deeper understanding of Jesus the Messiah for Muslims, from the Qur'anic perspective of Muslims. Many Muslims are unaware of what the Qur'an, Hadith and Muslim scholars say about Jesus. Attention is also paid to deeper underlying questions of Muslims, such as the salvation question. We notice a lot of confusion about Christians and Christianity because not everyone is a follower of Jesus and led by God. We intend to help both Muslims and Christians educate about the meaning of Islam and the identity of Jesus the Messiah.


Introduction to Muhammad History and spiritual development of the founder of Islam

Intro Christianity Discover Jesus with the Gospel

Dictionary Terms List of Christian and Muslim terms and explanation

References Bibliography with list of useful literature on Christianity and Islam


What is the Qur'an? Compilation and message of the holy book of the Muslims

Contradictions in the Qur'an List of verses that oppose each other

Jesus in the Qur'an The position of Jesus from the perspective of the Qur'an

Grace in the Qur'an To understand Grace in the Qur'an

Exalted Jesus in the Qur'an High position and unique works of Jesus in the Qur'an

Jesus is God in the Qur´an Divine origin with faultless and miraculous behavior of Jesus

Crucified Jesus in the Qur'an Cruel execution of Jesus not denied in the Qur'an

Peace in the Qur'an Historical overview of peace and violence in the Qur'an

Women in the Qur'an Evaluation of the roles and position of women in the Qur'an


The Religion of Islam Introduction to history and basics of Islam

History of Early Islam Overview of the first period in Islam and Qur'an development

Timetable History of Islam Facts of Islam and Islamic states from 570 AD to now

Islamic Religious Practices Introduction to Islamic guidelines for religious life

Religious festivals in Islam Introduction to Islamic religious celebrations

Jesus in Sufism To understand the position of Jesus Christ in Sufism

Violence of Muslims Muslim tolerance levels and historical development

Islamic view of crucifixion Evaluation of the alternatives for crucifixion of Jesus


The Gospel Modern readable text of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Jesus in the Gospel To understand the position of Jesus Christ in the Gospel

Grace in the Gospel To understand Grace in the Gospel

Humility of Jesus To understand the humble position of Jesus

Peace in the Gospel To understand peace in the Gospel

Women in the Bible To understand the position of women in the Bible


For Christians To help Christians to tell about Jesus Christ to Muslims