Contradictions in the Qur'an

The Qur'an is the holy book of Islam. According to traditional Islam, the Qur'an is perfect (Quran 2:82, 85:22). It is possible to compare the 6346 verses in the Quran if they are not opposite. Verses can contradict each other when a combination of statements, ideas, or characteristics conflict. The Qur'an has been researched and as a result a number of contradictions have been found between the Quranic verses. Some of the contradictions discovered have been refuted because it can be applied to certain situations or circumstances. However, most of the contradictions could not be resolved. Some examples of the more than a hundred contradictions in the Quran:

1. Allah

Allah guides to the truth or not?

Did Allah forgive worshiping of the calf?

2. Angels

Satan: angel or jinn?

Muhammad helped by how many angels?

3. Creation

Creation in how many days?

The heaven or the earth created first?

Adam created from clay?

4. Prophets and messengers

Who was the first Muslim?

Are some messengers or apostles above others?

5. Qur'an

Who brought down the Qur'an?

Allah's words changed?

6. Moral

Alcohol not allowed?

Compulsion to accept Islam?

7. Christians

Righteous deeds of Christians accepted?