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Gospel of Matthew, Mark and Luke

Do the Synoptic Gospels say that Jesus is God?

Matthew 2:15: Is the flight of Jesus to Egypt a fulfilment of Hosea 11:1?

Matthew 2:18: Is it a fulfillment of Jeremiah 31:15?

Matthew 4:10: How can Jesus be God when he said that he worshiped and served God?

Matthew 5:17: Did Jesus come to fulfill the law and the prophets?

Matthew 11:11: Did Jesus say that John the Baptist is greater?

Matthew 11:25, Luke 10:21: Is the praise of Jesus to God a denial that he is God?

Matthew 19:17, Mark 10:18, Luke 18:19: Did Jesus say no one is good except God alone?

Matthew 20:23: Doesn't Jesus know the future?

Matthew 24:36, Mark:13 32: How can Jesus be God when he doesn't know when he is coming back?

Matthew 26:39: If Jesus is God why did he beg God to have mercy on him?

Luke 24:19: Jesus only a prophet and not divine?

Luke 9:16: Why did Jesus ask God to give food from heaven, when he is God?

Matthew 26:64: Sitting on the right hand of power a denial that Jesus is God?

Luke 9:29-32: Did the disciples see the divine beauty of Jesus Christ?

Matthew 4:1: Temptation of Jesus by Satan a denial that he is God?

Mark 12:29: Did Jesus deny Trinity?

Luke 6:12: Is the prayer of Jesus a denial that he is God?

Matthew 4:8-10: How could Satan offer the earth if he knew that Jesus is the Creator?

Matthew 1:17: How many generations after the exile to Babylon and Jesus?

Matthew 24:27: Will Jesus return as an Arab from Syria?

Matthew 23:17: Did Jesus sin when he called people blind fools?

Mark 12:29: Does Our God mean that Jesus denied he is God?

Mark 3:5: Was Jesus angry?

Matthew 16:23, Mark 8:33: Did Jesus call Peter a Satan?

Luke 24:25: Did Jesus call his disciples fools?

Matthew 1:23: Is the birth of Jesus a fulfilment of Isaiah 7:14?

Mark 12:29: Did Jesus deny Trinity?