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Jesus is more than a Prophet

The Qur’an has much respect for Jesus and there is a lot of mystery about him. The big numbers of titles in the Qur’an tell that Jesus is indeed an important person: a Sign (Qur’an 19:21, 21:91), a Mercy (Qur’an 19:21), Witness (Qur’an 5:117). It is also interesting that there is no criticism against Jesus in the Qur’an, because Jesus is holy and without sin (Qur’an 19:19).

There is an impressive record about extraordinary things of Jesus: born of a virgin (Qur’an 19:20-22), taken to heaven by God (Qur’an 4:158), Word of God (Qur’an 3:45, 4:71), Spirit of God (Qur’an 4:71, 5:110). Therefore Jesus is very special in the Qur’an. Jesus is also the Messiah. One of the roles of the Messiah is to save people. That fits well with the unique actions Jesus did to create and to give life (Qur’an 3:49). Nobody in the Qur’an did such a thing. What is your opinion about Jesus? Do you believe he is just a prophet or more?


Jesus in the Qur'an
Is Jesus more than a messenger in the Qur'an?
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